Seasoned in Seattle Catering

Western Hoedown BBQ — Let there be smoke!!!!!


Mountain Piles of Fresh Picked Fruits and Berries

Always great- Always refreshing. (complimentary)

Country Style Tater Salad

Not for City Slickers, but it sho is super yummy.

Southern Corn Bread with a Dab of Butter

Yum, yum, yum...buttery- soft with a pinch of cayenne and backroads cheese baked right in

Mid-South To Out West — Fusion Salad

Buttery red leaf crowns, blended with zingy mango & Georgia peach vinaigrette – Shallots, walnut/pecan, mandarin orange, summer fruits & Panela. (Can be ordered VEGAN)

Ol' timey Slow Baked Beaners

Baked all day so ya'll remembah 'em all night. (VEGETARIAN)

Tender Braised Beef Short Ribs

Extra tender, really tasty and no bones! Smothered in our lip smakin' sauce and served with freshly baked soft buns. Ya'll needs lots of napkins with this one. Yummy.

Pulled Porky's

We smoke 'em all day and pull 'em all nite. Simmered with lots of Southern Comfort and Kentucky Bourbon BBQ dunk, then served on a soft bun. E'm will make yer hollerin' sooey for more.

Sweet Corn Cornels

No mess no fuss. We pick em for yer...spoon and butter is all yer need. Great for city folk.

Hoot'n Holler Mac'n Cheese

All from scratch, with real cheddar, light cream, and herbs. Yup, ya'll be scratchin' da pan for more!!

Uncle Jerd's Southern Grilled Chicken

Extra tender & slow grilled southern chicken soaked in our smoky BBQ sauce. Tangy 'n tasty – just like the cow pokes eat 'em.

County Style Potato Chips

Peggy Sue and Tim's own recipe.


Discounted Price for this menu is $21 per person plus tax, staffing
(100 guest minimum)

Included is: complimentary fruit display, disposable utensils, table linens for buffet set up
Additional items or soft drinks can be added to this menu for $2.25 per person
Please inquire about our other theme BBQs and luau menus
Available for delivery



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